Is Homosexuality Like Any Other Sin?

There are many sins, one of which is homosexuality. Is homosexuality just like any other branch on the tree of sin or is it it’s own tree!

Lately I am hearing a lot of people saying that homosexuality is no different than any other sin out there. Well, I would imagine that in God’s eyes that might be true (not that I know how God thinks mind you.) However I, personally, believe that it is a much different sin than others in that it is a sin that more than 1% of the world population has taken on as an identity. You do not see ‘thieves”, “liars”, etc asking for special rights. The other sins do not push themselves upon society and ask to be accepted, or rather should I say make it that it is forced upon us to accept it. So, with that said, allow me to think on this some more and I invite your thoughts . . . till then!


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