Gay and Christian?

Yes, you can be in Christ Jesus and also identify yourself as lesbian or gay, however, if indeed, you are in Christ, the Holy Spirit will eventually, if not already, be convicting you of your homosexual identity. The two can’t exist in you without struggle. Sin has received an eviction notice and can not dwell in you long if you are in Christ. You are a work in progress! Let the struggle begin!


11 responses to “Gay and Christian?


    So true.

  2. There is no such thing as a “gay christian”. A person is either a son of God or son of the devil. One CANNOT be both.

    • Hey Millard;
      I agree with you yet for two years after I came to Christ I believed I was still a lesbian . . . but God was patient with me and finally I opened my eyes to the fact that God did not make me a lesbian, that I was not born that way . . . my eyes were opened to the lies I believed . . . during those two years when I identified as both I did not act out on the same gender attractions because I was under the conviction of the Holy Spirit . . . be patient with those who identify as both . . . remember that God is working on them . . .

  3. This applies to all sin. We don’t perfect ourselves before coming to Christ – that’s impossible! We come to Christ and let Him perfect us.

  4. ~~~The heart of the gay or lesbian is no different then the the heart of the non. Each can and will be wooed by the Holy Spirit to receive Gods love and his forgiveness through the sacrifice of his Son. Both than begin a life long journey of sanctification and spiritual growth. All will make mistakes and grow from them, and hopefully they will find and surround themselves with knowledgeable people that can help them with their journey. You are a Christian because you know you need Jesus and his forgiveness. In short I’m with Charlene, remember that God is working on us, and that will take a life time. Along the way we could be standing on shaky ground that will crumble as the truth of Gods word enlightens our hearts and minds. What God has declared as “against his will” applies to all of us. Not just to the one who ends up in a certain verse that we’ve encamped upon, while we ignore the other verses that pertain specifically to us. Let the pot stop calling kettle black.

  5. Good effort at opening your understanding that sexual identity does not preclude you from being saved. To be fair, I wasn’t sure for many years. That uncertainty lead a life of guilt and shame, feeling as though I must not have had enough faith because I was not being healed.

    Stating the obvious for those already struggling in the church with this superlative understanding from someone who has no experience dealing with this issue is awesome in it’s clueless condescension. While we are at it, let’s not just list one issue that receives the grace and mercy while still in progress…
    I can think of a few, but will leave it to the HS to convict what you can work at, possibly for the rest of your life.

    I see that you also have another post referring to “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality”. The Californian psychologist author, I’m sure you know, supports reparative therapy. Unfortunately for him, reparative therapy has been banned in California chiefly because of the APA’s (American Psychological Association) studies on the damaging effects.

    I pray that someday that my brother’s and sisters like you grow in understanding and wisdom to suspend such insensitive, hypocritical statements.

  6. My apologies, Charlene… It is a struggle on both sides of the fence, I’m not gonna pretend it isn’t. And you need the support to find peace, not hostile encounters… I pray you do find peace and grace on your journey. My truer response to this issue can be seen more detailed on my blog.

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