Did the Boy Scouts Make the Right Decision?


For me, the main thing to ponder upon is that these young boy scouts are still young and still impressionable . . .

Right now, the culture they are in, basically, the world, is telling them that if you have same gender attractions you must be gay . . .

But, we know this is not true, we know that young boys, will not mature until about age 25, right now the world is telling them they are gay because of their un-chosen attractions so they think they must be . . .

so, part of me sees the move as a positive one for the boys who want to be scouts who identify as gay . . . again, they probably have not acted out on the attractions, they just are identifying themselves as gay because that is what the culture is telling them . . . or if they have acted it out there is still hope they will not believe the lies that they are born gay . . .

so, if they get in with some strong men, the boy scout leaders, who are not gay, who are comfortable in their own skin, and their emotional needs are met by these leaders, basically I see gay identifying youth coming out with strong male identifies and no longer attracted to the same gender any longer . . .

yes, they may have caved in . . . or perhaps they are thinking they can make a difference and actually meet the emotional needs of these gay identifying youth . . . thus turning them back to God’s intended design

the reason these young boys are identifying as gay is because they do have same gender attractions . . . and the culture tells them they are gay . . . but the real reason they have the attractions is because somewhere in their childhood their same gender parent did not meet an emotional need . . . now this emotional need that was not meet is not the same gender parent’s fault necessarily . . . it may be a matter of the child’s perception of it not being met . . . or it could have been something out of the hands of a predator . . .

I see this whole thing as we see the story of Joseph being sold into slavery by his 11 brothers in the book of Genesis, in the Bible. What Joseph’s brothers intended for evil, God turned it around and used it for good, God used Joseph to save God’s people . . .

What gay activists intend for evil, a furtherance of their agenda, God can indeed turn around and use to bring these young boys back in line with God’s intended design.



12 responses to “Did the Boy Scouts Make the Right Decision?

  1. I like your arguements. Very well thought out and preceptive. Were I the Troop Leader, I would really want to have a sit down talk with the young man in question. I believe it should be on a case by case basis. If wanting to prove a point then no, if the young man s idenifying himself as homosexual through the influences of the world around him then surely he is open to proper discernment of the difference between admiration of another young man and lust of other male. Even if there has been some acting out. But still and all, each indivdual young man who thinks they are gay/homosexual should be addresed individually.

  2. I look forward to any thoughts you may have on what I wrote . . . this is me thinking out loud . . . may God bless us all . . . <

  3. Charlene, I posted this a bit earlier on Facebook but feel like it fits here:

    I’m certain that the way to reach people is to push them away. The way to strengthen the weak is to lay greater burdens on them. The way to wash away the dirt of the road is to ladle on the mud.

    The truth is the Boy Scouts are in no danger of losing their identity if they do not change their teaching, their beliefs, or their understanding.

    If you think that every young guy that has struggled with uncertainty about his identity is helped by heaping on your rejection rather than by inclusion and instruction, by shaming and separating rather than loving and caring, then the woman at the well is glad it was Jesus that met her there, the woman taken in adultery is glad that it was at Jesus’ feet she was thrown, the centurion is grateful that he pleaded his broken faithfulness to Jesus.

    I am sure I will provoke some of my brothers and sisters here by saying that I don’t think it was wrong for the Boy Scouts to open their doors as their vote today does. I don’t.

    I am sure I will provoke others here when I say that I hope that the Boy Scouts will not surrender their understanding of God’s design, while working to build young men, some of whom will be known by fellow scouts and leaders as living with the difference that wears heavier than most can understand.

    Finally, there is a difference between choosing as an organization to make such a decision and being mistreated by government agencies by adhering to whatever belief system the group involved adheres to. Cities on the blue edges of America have made war on local scouting groups — withdrawing from partnerships, burdening their use of public facilities, remonstrating against them in terms they don’t even use for Islamic Jihadists — and that is gross, wrong, and tyrannical.

  4. Thanks for your comments Christopher

  5. Jim I agree with you 100% . . . If the church in Las Vegas did not let me in even though they knew at the time that I was a lesbian I wonder where I would be today, today being a new person in Christ no longer attracted to the same gender . . . praise God

  6. Gerry Heermann

    If the scouts can welcome and accept these boys without condoning homosexual acts and help them see the truth in their own lives it is good but the agenda of the gay community is to paint this as an acceptance of the gay lifestyle as being consistent with the goals and morals of the boy scouts. There is opportunity here but also great danger. I hope the scout leadership is up to the challenge. Gerry Heermann

    • I agree with you Gerry, there is indeed great danger here. My main point is that God’s grace and mercy can move here greatly. What the gay agenda plans for evil God can turn around and use for His glory . . . I pray that this will be the case . . . that this is a turn around in the lives of these boys, that their emotional needs will be filled with Godly men and that these young boys will see the truth, that the homosexual act is sinful. Good to hear from you Gerry.

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