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So Many Books So Little Time

Back in the 1980s, Michael Card wrote a song by the same title as this blog. It was about running Bibles into a land that did not allow people to own a Bible. Can you imagine not being able to own a Bible, not being able to read the Word of God when you wanted to read it? The words of the song talk about how people would actually wait in line, late at night into the early morning light in order to read some of the Word of God.

More than likely, if you identify yourself as a Christian, as a follower of Jesus Christ, you probably own several Bibles. I certainly do. Let me think, how many do I own? I can envision 14 sitting there on the shelf in my office and then there is one in my San Quentin bag (I teach Old Testament there), and then of course I have one in my car in the side pocket on the driver’s side. And of course I have access to all kinds of Bibles on my smart phone and in my laptop and on my PC.

My mind quickly goes back to the words of Card’s song about the people waiting to read the Bible because there were so few available to them. When is the last time I read the Bible? Actually read it, sat down and read it to read it? Yes I am constantly reading books about it and doing word studies and reading about Biblical mannerisms and customs of the land and arguing about interpretation etc, but when have I sat down and just read it to read it?

When have I sat down and read the Word of God with a cup of coffee and sat there and visited with God through His Word? Sadly I can not think of when the last time is I did this.

Of course I have an excuse. I have been so busy with the ministries God has given me. There is just so little time. Well, it is time to make the time. Time to get back into spending quality time with Yahweh!

I hope you have spent more time in the Word of God than I have this past week. I need to go and rectify my error of not putting God first on the demands of my time. Have a great Sunday. Continue reading